It Doesn't Work The 2nd Time - Irvine, CA

I had a few brown spots on my cheeks an the skin...

I had a few brown spots on my cheeks an the skin near my right eyes area 4 years ago. I had 3 sessions of IPL because a dermatologist told me that he could remove those brown spots by 2 sessions of IPL(cost $1,500) -- after 2 sessions of IPL, 50% of my face was covered in brown spots/patches... then, I was told to have one more stronger IPL session(cost $750) and that would take care of the problem. After the 3rd session, 70% of my face was covered in brown spots/patches. At that time, the dermatologist told me(the first time) that I was one of the 5% Asians that don't react to Laser Treatments well and suggested other kinds of Laser Treatments. His staff started to give me hard time and I lost faith in him. I was devastated. I gave Cosmelan a try after consulted may dermatologists. My skin condition never returned to prior IPL treatment but I was happy with the result a year later afer many sessions of Silk Peel. Unfortunately, my story doesn't end here. Some of the brown patches returned three months ago and I went back to see the dermatologist for Cosmelan Treatment again 4 weeks ago. I have no idea why it doesn't work this time! now my face is in a brown mask!! the dermatologist suggested me to have Vipeel.

So sorry to hear your story. How frustrating! It seems that every treatment for hyperpigmentation comes with so many risks. I have scarring on my cheeks from a TCA peel and I'm hoping that Cosmelan can help, but I plan to get the non-MD version because I prefer to use hydroquinone and RetinA in pulses. Good luck to you
PLEASE DON'T GET VI PEEL IF YOU ARE ASIAN, I have a similar story. i had a few brown spots on my both cheeks 4yrs ago as well, so i had Vipeel, & ended up w/ 70% brown spots/patches. so within 2 weeks of searching for a derm who can fix me I drove myself to Obagi in Beverly Hills. He put me on Nu Derm treatment for 5 mo., within 2 wks into treatment all the brown spots/patches were gone. since then i've on a maintanace program. however my dilema started 2 wks ago after reading all these articles about Hydroquinone, especially prolonged usage, now that i am worried sick that what would happen to my skin in the future, i've been searching for alternative treatment like laser, so i called Celibre laser/dermatology in Irvine, & was told that they dont recommend laser on Asian skin due to PIH, also was told that in Asia the reason they treat hyperpigmentation w/ laser b/c HQ is banned due to excessive usage not supervised by doctors... so I dont have any other alternative options at the moment. i'd have to use HQ for 3 mo then stop for 1 mo something like that... that is how they prescribe it to their patients at Celibre...
Hey SDJ12 , What is wrong with prolongued usage of hydroquinone? I use the pulse method...once a year for a few months. I hope I am not doing long term damage!
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