Numbness in Fingers After Underarm Treatment . PLEASE HELP - Irvine, CA

I have done cool sculpting tx on my under arms....

I have done cool sculpting tx on my under arms.
Needless to say the treatment was so painful that left me screaming after the machine was off.
Worst than that is loss of sensation in my forearms extending to my small finger and my ring finger. My hands are so weak I can barely move them. It's 2 day and nothing has changed
I am an artist and me life depends on my hand
Has anyone heard about these side effects ? Please advise

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How are you doing now? I hope you're feeling better. Please update us when you can! :)
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Also, a doctor posted on another question and said that the nerves are stretched during the procedure and can take up to 10 days to return to normal. So, if your symptoms have not resolved in 10 days then see my comment below. Check the answers on pain/bruising on this page to see what the doctor wrote:
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That's interesting. Not all doctors acknowledge post-op pain/numbness/tingling. Thanks for posting!
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The nerve that runs to your ring and pinky finger comes from your neck down your arm, so either you have a pinched nerve in your neck (from tensing up in pain) or somehow the treatment created nerve damage. You should probably see a neurologist ASAP (especially since your hands are so important as an artist), or a primary care if you can't get an appointment quickly. The neurologist can determine the cause of the nerve "misfire" and help figure out how to fix it. With either cause its likely that Physical Therapy can help you. With PT the sooner you get into the therapy the better the outcome. But, they need to know what the cause is to help you. If you think it is your neck, try placing an ice pack wrapped in cloth on your neck for 15 mins a few times a day. Be sure to leave it off for 20 mins between icing or switching to heat. Heat may help, if your muscles are very tight, personally I would try ice first for a day and if that didn't help I would try heat the next day. If the symptoms begin to subside, then you probably pinched the nerve when you reacted to being in pain. (If anything makes the symptoms worse or causes pain- STOP!) I am not a doctor, but I have pinched that same nerve before, and have some health issues so I have learned about these things.
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Brachial plexus under your arm radiating out down your arm can affected numbness & tingling, maybe it was injured by the treatment. If you feel you can wait till day 7-10 for improvement, do thay. If not perhaps agree start with your primary care MD to see where they might refer. Have you tried contacting the company? Whatever you do why not keep a daily log of symptoms/improvements (hopeful)? All the best...
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Well, don't have advice for this, but thank you for sharing...I will not have this done!
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