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Finally I Am Ready to Have BA - Irvine, CA

Hi I am 38 years old 5'8" 138lbs currently size...

Hi I am 38 years old 5'8" 138lbs currently size 34A. I want to be a full D. I've had my first consultation with my PS, i took pictures with me of the look I was going for. He suggested a 500 moderate plus silicon or a 550 high profile implant both under the muscle. After much consideration I think I will go with the 500cc moderate plus. The 550cc high profile scares me I don't want the roundness at the top of my breast. He said that because of my height this size implant would look nice and full as I wanted it without looking like I'm going to tip over. I'm very nervous but excited this is something I have been thinking about for 7 years. Any ladies out there considering BA with 500cc or 550cc or if you already had them done are you happy?

I put down my deposit today to secure my date....

I put down my deposit today to secure my date. It's schedule for June 6th!! I'm nervous and excited!! I Still have not decided on the size but I have time here. :-)
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A good friend had her surgery here. She looks fantastic!

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Hey hun did you ever have your BA? If so we'd love to hear and update and see pics.
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. For you ladies worried about going too big, here is a link to our Doctor Q&A discussing how to find the right size implant for your body type. Perhaps this info will provide some insight. Looking forward to your updates...and perhaps a photo?  :)

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Thankyou BethH!
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I had 590cc before my revision now I have 800cc; not sure my bra size I'm only 2 weeks out; your welcome to take a look at my pics if u want.
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Violet1234 thank you I will!
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Me! I am so undecided! Im a 36A i tried on 400-650 ccs. I liked 600. I am now scared and dont want to end up huge, i think i may do 500. Goodluck with yours!!
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I have the same fear my doctor recommended 500cc moderate plus or 550cc high profile. But I'm obsessing about this decision I don't want to regret it. So many women wish they had gone bigger. But I'm also scared of being too big. When is your surgery scheduled for?
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