Vaser Lipo Chest Reduction (Male)

I had vaser lipo chest reduction (male) on...

I had vaser lipo chest reduction (male) on saturday and although I know its still very early on I still seem to have moobs. Granted there smaller then they were and they look a lot better however there still seems to be fat around the nipple and around the side of the breast. My surgeon is off until thursday when I have a follow up consultation but im not sure if this is normal swelling that will go down or if the procedure has not been a success/ done correctly.

still undetermined on the results, i really wanted this procedure as my moobs have been a real problem for years. I just hope I get a good result I said to my surgeon I want normality but not sure if this has been delivered.

One thing that is also on my mind is the procedure was not only uncomfortable but also painful and the surgeon seemed aware of this pain so im concerned he didnt complete the procedure fully because of this. Can anybody offer some advice. Thanks


Updated on Sep. 5, 2010:

Hi all, from my first post my results were not good after a few months, after doctor fobbing me off I threatened to complain and he did the surgery again for free, was very painful again and results are now a bit uneven and iv stoppped wearing the garment. overall i would not recommend this surgery as by reading other posts it does not seem to do what it says on the tin and having a doctor who clearly is not that good does not help

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still undetermined

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i am 8 weeks and i am returning to doctor in next week or 2 i have weird lumps of fat under my belly button i still have handles and i still have moobs wtf i am suing if not resolve asap.
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Hi All Its now 8 weeks since i had my chest and flanks done, i can honestly say it was a waste of money, very little change to my flanks and my chest, not what i was expecting. all my surgeon recommended after my visit this week was to up my cardio in the gym and see how i get on ????? That is not the answer i wanted, once you have paid them they dont want to know.
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I had it done in ireland too and 6 weeks on i am very unhappy and was unhappy with initial visit and only 2 liters was removed from abs flanks and chest feel so cheated.
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nice to hear that mate, will let you know how i get on thanks
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hiya, I had a vaser lipo surgery done on the 18th of june, roughly 1-2 weeks ago. im a fairly average guy quite muscular and a very good shape to my body however i had chest fat. i had my vaser done at Botonics and to be quite frank I do not see no change in my chest size. the chest still has da same fattyt deposits around da nipple and frm side view it looks the same as before. i have jus spent £2400 on this surgery and it seems like a waste of money. I am goin in for my follow up with mu surgeon next week to discuss the progress. would like to know how you've gotten along Robson?
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Hi Regarding the fatty deposits around the nipple i had the same thing, but my doctor did make comments on this area and did take quite a long time on working on both sides. You can tell even now at nearly 3 weeks post op that there is a vast difference. im also quite muscular having been a bodybuilder in my younger days. i had the same problem fat around the bottom of the chest that wouldnt go away no matter how you trained. I must admitt wearing the garment 24/7 for nearly 3weeks as helped alot. im now back in the gym and wear a stage 2 garment for training then back to my post op garment which is alot more tighter. Give it time and keep wearing your garment good luck
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I had my chest and flanks done nearly 3 weeks ago now. I can now start to see a big difference in my chest, but could'nt for the first 2 weeks really. around my nipple area my doctor did tell me there could be some breast tissue there and this could be slightly more painfull. Around this area is now completly flat as my doctor worked on this area for quite abit. I was also told to keep my garment on for 6 weeks day and night Regarding my flanks i can only see a very slight change and i was heavly bruised, the brusing went after 2 weeks. Regarding the surgery i must say i had little pain but it did take 4 hours to have my chest and flanks done, most of the time was spent on my chest. I had my surgery done in Manchester England
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How are you now? where did you get it done, im a skinny guy but i have moobs, was just quoted 3,000 in Dundrum. Bit worried how did u find the process? ANy info will help me :)
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