Had Traditional Lipo 2 Years Ago. Vaser is Better.

I am extremely happy with my surgery and would...

I am extremely happy with my surgery and would have it in other areas if I had the money! I had traditional liposuction a few years ago and vaser liposuction is much better I am finding. Less down time and I can already see the results, and it's only been two and a half weeks.

The only thing I did not like, was that I was kept awake and the sensation while the surgeon was performing the procedure was uncomfortable and even painful if he went too close to the edge of the anesthetised area. Traditional lipo uses general anaesthesia.

I recently had vaser liposuction to the abdomen and my compression garment is now too loose. It has only been two and a half weeks and although I have tried to find another garment in a smaller size, I am not having much luck. I was told to wear the garment for 4-6 weeks, so I am worried that if I stop wearing it, or continue wearing one that is now too large, that the results will be compromised. Is it very important that I get a smaller size in order to achieve the best results?


That was helpful to know. Because I was trying to decide whether I wanted to do traditional lipo or vaser lipo. Thanks for the info.
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hey what clinic did you get it done living in Ireland myself! What are the results like now?
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I had it done at the Ailesbury Clinic in Dublin and I am very happy with the results. I ended up not wearing the compression garment for the remaining two weeks and I don't think it affected the results at all. My trousers are so much looser and the shape is totally different - there is no pot belly anymore! I would highly recommend them, and I'd also recommend vaser lipo over traditional lipo. The uncomfortable experience while having the procedure was definitely worth the healing time and great results. Good luck!
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The clinic where I went was wonderful. The nurses were so caring and helpful and the surgeon listened to what my concerns and was realistic with what my expectations should be. He was very helpful and did a great job.

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