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Acne Scarring Minimised Slightly.skin Tone Good.need Second Procedure Though for Acne Scars - Ireland

Have scars on both cheeks ...had active fx over 6...

have scars on both cheeks ...had active fx over 6 months ago..some improvements but only 50 percent on tne scars ..am going back tomorrow for deep fx on areas with scarring..fingers crossed this will be the end of the nightmare

Hi Sully, are you asian? How is the effect now after deepfx performed on the the areas with scaring? Does the pigment look even if you only have partial areas done?

Of course Sully our readers well being is super important to us. Pictures would be great. Please keep me updated.

Thanks so much


ehm yet again they look so much better..skin tightened and all pigment gone...i was advised to use retinol 0.5 to improve the results and hopefully in 6 months time all should be eradicated :)
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good clean environment ...made me at ease

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