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Definitely Not Worth It - Ireland

Im 22 and have very slight lines under my eyes and...

im 22 and have very slight lines under my eyes and some excess skin on my upper lids. (hereditary)
I got Active fx for the eye area and after months saw no improvement, not even to the fine lines under my eyes.

The doctor told me because i am so young my results should be better than that of an older person. 6 months later NO DIFFERENCE. I went back to the doctor and he offered to do the treatment again on a higher laser setting so i did. Again it has been 3 months and i see no improvement, I am very disappointed, especially as i went to one of the supposedly "best" doctors around to have this procedure done and it didn't make the slightest bit of difference to my eyes. My left eye actually looks a little worse.

Dont know if that was due to active fx or what. My advice is to not waste your money and get a blepharoplasty.

PS. it wasn't that painful the first time i got it done but the second time (on the higher setting) was almost unbearable) I didn't scream or anything but my hands were shaking and i had a high tolerance of pain.

Hi can i ask the name of the clinic where you got it done, thinking about having it before my wedding in June, want to avoid your doctor though
i had this done also in Dublin 6 days ago, once the crusting ect went back came all the lines especially those around my mouth. I contacted the doctor who said wait a few months for collagen to build up and plump out the lines. Not happy with the treatment as i was lead to believe that the lines around my mouth and chin would go, this is not the case.

Hi Diana,

Oh, no fun that this did not work for you, especially since it might have made your eye worse. Maybe go back and talk to the doctor. Hopefully you can find someone to help. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review, and I hope you have a great weekend.


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