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Fantastic Results, but Painful

I have lived at the beach my whole life and at 33...

I have lived at the beach my whole life and at 33 have begun to see the damage to my skin. I decided to have IPL to reduce the freckles and wrinkles. There was a significant difference after my first session. The freckles turned black and fell off after a few days and my skin looked much healthier and radiant. The procedure itself, though, was torture. I felt like I was being shocked repatedly on my face. I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but this brought tears to my eyes. After the first session, I took hydrocodone before the session to help minimize the pain.
Hello I am in the Jax area as well....would you mind sharing who did your treatment? I want it done for sun damage (too much time at the beach and pool :-) ) but want to pick someone quailified
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