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IPL Worked Very Well for Me

I had 5 IPL treatments a year ago to treat sun...

I had 5 IPL treatments a year ago to treat sun damage - lots of freckles and overall uneven pigment issues.  I have light skin, English/Irish ancestry, dry and sensitive so have to be careful with products. 

I would rate the treatment as painful. I learned to take a pain killer a half an hour before the treatment to make it more bearable, and that helped, but it still made my eyes water and made me jerk with every "snap".  I always had to suffer through it, but was willing to because of the results. 

The first two treatments took care of most of my hyperpigmentation issues.  It truly was impressive.  The spots darkened up and flaked off and have never returned a year later.  I'm only left with one spot that I can't seem to get rid of with topical lighteners and mild peels so I'm trying the Pixel for that spot and some fine lines. 

I had a wonderful outcome from the IPL. Not only did it clear up the spots, but it made my skin dewy and youthful.  Too bad everyone can't get this lucky with this procedure.  I'm suprised to read that only about half of the reviewers got good results. 

I would have to say, though, that the effect lessened dramatically after the second IPL and I noticed no difference at all after third to the fifth and will not do any more because it clearly stopped working after the first two.  I would recommend three at most, but would definitely recommend this if you have light skin and freckles/sun damage that you want cleared up quickly. 

I got a great deal at a local medspa and I feel the price was worth it compared to all the money you could spend on products and esthetic treatments that don't work.  I feel fortunate, though, to have not had any problems. 

This seems like a gamble to take if you haven't done your research, and even sometimes even if you have.  The horror stories I've read about some of these laser treatments make me very thankful I haven't had a problem and reluctant to try any more laser procedures.  I'm very sorry about those people who had a negative experience. 

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Good prices, seem knowledgable, comfortable atmosphere.

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I live in stafford also, im interested in ipl what clinic did you go to, do they still have the good deals?
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I went to Rejuvalase. I haven't been there in years but I do see specials in the paper all the time. You wanna get a 1/2 package deal or a 2 for 1 package and they do those quite a bit.
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Yes, wish mine was charging that! I also found the first two treatments (with yellow light) were the best. It's really hard to get the same overall results later sessions. However, on my 3rd my clinician upped the power and changed to a green light, so I'm still getting benefits.
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Yeah, my local medspa was new and was giving great deals to get clients in. I would have a hard time paying the typical price now, though. I'm 37 and I had them done once a month. I also had my chest done and had really good results with that, too. But again, the results greatly diminished after the first two treatments, so if you're tight on money, I would do two and see how that works for you. You might not get any further results anyway. I still have very slight sundamage on my chest that didn't come off after 5 treatments on my chest, so I think 2 is really the most beneficial.
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$600 for 5 treatments? That really is an excellent price! Glad to hear you had good results -- out of curiosity, may I ask how old you are and how far apart did you have your treatments? Thanks!
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