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IPL Well Worth It for Sun Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

I think the bad reviews and those that have paid...

I think the bad reviews and those that have paid for 'sequential treatments' are going to the wrong clinic. I was given one IPL treatment for brown spots, full facial IPL, for $300 and was told that 1 treatment should work perfectly. It did, the brown spots got tough and flaked off after a few days, I was left with even skin. Even the little bumps went away from a little patch of sun damage on my cheek. When one determined little spot didn't go away they touched it up for free more aggressively and it also cleared up. Very happy and well worth it.

The only down side is, once I tanned in the summer the unevenness came back a bit, but those single brown spots are all gone and seem gone forever. They even zapped a red raised mole near my eyelid - gone.

I will do this annually. It IS painful, and you need about 5 or 6 days to feel like you can be seen in public, but I love it!


I love IPLs. I'm male 69 now have had 9 treatments over 2+ years. Originally for
my rosacea/dermatitis but way beyond that it made my skin very very even & clear.
If you can afford them get them.
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I am also interested in this treatment and live in S.E. WI..where did you get your treatment done? Im unsure of where to go in the area?
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i had two treatments and found that the spots were lighter. then after 3 weeks patches showed up on bottom of my cheeks where i never had spots. very disapointed!

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Go to a skin/Dr. clinic NOT a 'spa', and you should be happy.

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