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IPL Treatment over Facial Moles

I recently purchased a "Mother's Day...

I recently purchased a "Mother's Day Special" that included 2 IPL treatments, several microdermabrasion, and some prescription skin care products. I had my IPL's 4 weeks apart, with microdermabrasion two weeks after each treatment. My goal was to treat sun damage on my "T-zone" area, and early signs of aging. I'm 35 with fair skin and hair. Overall I'm pleased with the appearance of my skin. The combination of the skin care system and the treatments have gently faded my problem areas and I had no down time what so ever. My only concern was a facial mole that has had its pigment completely removed. I've had it examined in the past and it's benign so there are no concerns about cancer, however it went from being dark brown in color to light pink. I'm wondering if the pigment will return, and if so about how long will it take?

I had IPL about two weeks ago. I have a small, slightly raised facial mole that's pigment was removed after my second treatment. It went from being dark brown in color to light pink. I'm wondering if the pigment will eventually return and if so, how long will it take? I've had this mole examined in the past with no concerns of cancer.

Did the pigment return?
Did the pigment come back???????????
it's been 4 weeks & so far no pigment has returned? I have a few moles on my face this one was the darkest so the light was more attracted to it. now it's the lightest one on my face. urgh!
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The clinic I chose was very professional and well trained in use of their equipment, however the next time I receive treaments I prefer to go to a Dermatologist Office.

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