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Ipl for Sundamage Skin Was Porcelain After One!

First one is snappy and hot. Uncomfortable. Now...

First one is snappy and hot. Uncomfortable. Now when I get them its a breeze. Seriously.

The first one got most of my sundamage. My caps on my nose are stubborn but my skin looks so great I'm not upset about that at all. Truly amazing.

Your skin can look horrible a couple weeks after so do it a few months before a big event. The pigment "peppers" or gets darker before crusting up and falling off. Skin is glowing after!

Hi - I was horrified when I had IPL last year on the backs of my hands, I had just two large brown spots but of course we did the whole hands and like you say, freckles and spots not visible came up, it really was horrible. HOWEVER, and this is truly wonderful, after the scabs and stuff healed my hands look fab! People even comment on how young my hands look. You will be thrilled, I am sure!
Hi there. Great to hear that you are so happy with it. I got mine done last Thursday (so about 5 days ago) and while I am presentable I would not say that I look better. I know I need to give it a couple of weeks but there are a lot of spots that weren't there before, and the ones that were are now rather dark. How long did it take for it to all go away? Thanks!!
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