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Found my Secret Weapon -- Wish I'd Done It Years Ago

My skin showed a lot of sun damage, including...

My skin showed a lot of sun damage, including several large dark sun spots that made me look much older than my 34 years and about which I was very self-conscious. I spent years trying to approach it conservatively, ultimately spending money on fade creams that did nothing, before feeling ready to try IPL.

Oh my god! I wish I'd done it years ago. It was so simple, and so effective. In one treatment my spots turned light enough to be easily covered with make-up (before that was not possible)... healing (and the crusting off of the spots) took about a week. In a few months I will get another "partial" treatment to take them further away.

I feel like I found a "secret weapon" against signs of aging. Seriously, this is an amazing procedure.

does this procedure hurt in anyway.
Where in Seattle did you have this done?
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