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I've just completed my sixth IPL treatment. Each...

I've just completed my sixth IPL treatment. Each month my skin looks better. To be honest, I didn't really understand when I started down this road how many treatments would be needed. One word to those with burns is that each doctor decides how much to turn up the laser. My skin gets really red if we go too high, so my first few treatments were done at a pretty low level. In the end, it will end of costing me more in treatments, but I appreciate the caution. I've also learned to ask for some numbing cream to take home with me so I can apply it at home before my morning appointment. Having the cream sit on my face for a full hour makes a huge difference in pain reduction. Even with it, I still find it painful, but it goes by quickly and is worth it for me.


I never have IPL procedure done before and would like to try.
I am looking for a good place to have IPl but worry get burn.
Would you let me the name of the place you done it ?
Also who wast the DR or technician did the procedure ? THANKS
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thanks for your testimony I would like to know where you got your procedure done? Thanks.
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