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I had IPL done in Feb. of this year at {edited -...

I had IPL done in Feb. of this year at {edited - doctor information appears above the review for registered users} in Newport Beach. Everyone including the manager did not explain the risk of the procedure but had me sign forms explaining complications and walked away without talking to me about it. I was sold that IPL was non invasive, risk free, and has no downtime unlike co2 laser.

I had 1 treatment, which left me with a huge scar on my left cheek as well as hypopigmentation. The manager and the rest of the staff still deny to this day that IPL caused these problems in spite of the pictures they took. They sent me a copy of the forms I signed instead. I am still very devastated and victimzed by these people.

I had Co2 laser done 14 years ago, and I am considering having this done again by a a skilled plastic surgeon in a few months to correct the scarring. I have had 3 dermabrasions  without  a problem prior to IPL, and I am Asian. I read more complications by these non ablative procedures such as fraxel and IPL than ablative procedures like Co2.

It is best to go to well known plastic surgeons for these procedures to avoid problems. Years ago, these procedures were done by plastic surgeons only. Now, everyone is doing it and more people are getting hurt.

Santa Monica Dermatologic Surgeon

Unpredictable and horrifying results

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