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I'm Canadian and the price of the photofacial...

I'm Canadian and the price of the photofacial varied. I saw no difference in the results based on price. I would get the most reasonably priced one out there.

I decided to get the treatment because of the non invasive quality and wanted a result that was me, but maybe a bit more bright and bushy tailed.

I saw results after the first session. I notice the biggest concentration of brown spots the first time which, for lack of a better word, fell off. I believe they have intensities and I am someone with a fairly high pain tolerance plus I wanted the biggest bang for my buck.

Downtime? Redness for two or three hours.

Pain during treatment, like some schoolboy flinging elastic bands at your face. Not pleasant, but you will live to do it again!

Loved the result, but it does come back with sun exposure somewhat. Easy to avoid with Canadian winters but as an avid tennis player a bit harder to avoid in the summer.

My advice?

Throw out your expensive creams and save up for these treatments. I see the difference and my daughter actually asked me if I was doing something to myself, that my skin was looking great.

There is something nice about coming out of the shower and looking at your face looking fresh.

In the winter where I can avoid the sun I don't use foundation... Anymore... The results had to be noticeable to me to change a habit such as this.

The Hummingbird is the cheapest so far at 100 bucks pretty much all the time. Their facilities have less overhead, the properties are not in the areas that would charge a lot of rent but the insides are quite nice and professional. Since it was my first time at their facility they went easy ...I'll let you know how the next one goes in a month. Luck to all of this and I think this treatment is the best since sliced bread.
I had one photo facial few months ago it was great and the price was right too actually it was the cheapest out there (120) it was in mississauga in clinic that just opened few months ago just beside oxford learning center. good luck.
Oops...In Missisaugua at Rejuvena they had the 5 for six hundred dollar package.
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Pretty much the same with any of those who performed the procedure.

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