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I decided on IPL because I had dark spots on my...

I decided on IPL because I had dark spots on my face and uneven skin tone. I tried a series of chemical peels but this didn't seem to be working. I didn't know what to expect . The pain was unbearable, I felt like crying all through the procedure. When it was finally over my face felt like it was on fire! I had to take pain medication because the ice packs wouldn't calm the burning. My face looked as if it was burned on a grease fire, it was all covered with black patches. By the third day the black patches turned crusty and started to peel. I couldn't leave the house for 7 days due to how scary my face still looked. I now have hypopigmentation where the scabs were. Now I worry if this is going to be permanent!

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This procedure should be thoroughly explained to the patients. What to expect during and after the treatment.

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Would you mind sharing where you went for treatment? I am considering going to either Dr. Hartog or Dr. Arabitg in the Orlando area, but want to make sure I get some good references. Thank you!
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I have now had 7 ipls to fix where they damaged my skin from a micro laser peel. I am VERY unhappy and disturbed. With the 7 ipls so far, I have severe hypopigmentation too. I have to put too much make up on just to try and cover it up. My advice is to NOT get another one. Get another opinion. I wonder what a microdermabrasion would do, they said nothing. I feel for you!
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this is normal and if not better in 14 days, then go. the brown will disappear!
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It's been eighteen days since my treatment and the hypopigmentation marks from the hand tool used started to get darker in some areas this past week, to the point that I have to use tons of makeup and they are still visible. I am using phyto correct and bio oil. I don't know if I should have another procedure to get rid of this marks.
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oh my - it sounds like you have been burned . . .sorry to hear. i would treat the area as you would iwth any other burn - ie silicon sheets, antibiotic, etc, to reduce scarring. it may be up to you as to how permanent it is. google ipl and laser damge - join their support group and read what others have gone through. most of all, breathe, it is chance that you took and now you need to deal with it properly.
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