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IPL Foto Facials for Skin Discoloration and Aging

I work in a Medi Skin Spa so I get to benefit from...

I work in a Medi Skin Spa so I get to benefit from the experts around me. But I would recommend this course of treatment to anyone with aging, sun damage, brown spots, acne scars, age spots, discoloration, fine lines or even dark circles under the eyes. Find a practitioner who can design a proper course of treatment or combination of treatments not just tell you that one IPL FotoFacial will fix your pigmentation forever. Always ask about the experience of your provider and make sure they are knowledgeable and clear.

I have learned the hard way the most important thing for your skin is a good SUNSCREEN SPF 30 or above never leave home without it!

Since I was in my 20s I have had horrible Skin Discoloration due to my Irish heritage and years spent in sun. As I hit 30 a couple of hours in the sun would produce such bad discoloration I felt like I wanted to hide, couple that with some hormonal melasma, acne damage and aging my face began to look like a relief map. I hid it with stacks of make up, and it effected very much how I feel myself, especially in Photo's etc you can really see the discoloration. Made me look OLD.

I started a course of 4 IPLs last year in September every 6 weeks or so and I cannot believe the difference in my skin.

It was a amazing the first time around because so much pigmentation came off my skin and really realized the impact the discoloration was having on how people saw me. The results have been incredible. My skin skin tone is so vastly improved I can now just where a little mineral veil and sunscreen and look great. My fine lines are diminished and my skin health overall has improved. I am now moved on to having Laser Genesis for my pores and texture this is another Collagen building laser treatment and plumps your skin up.

Can you tell me which type of IPL machine did they use & how far apart should treaments be? Also, what procedure/machine will you use for the collagen builder? Thanks for the information.
I had a Limelight Photofacial two days ago. I have only 2 small areas of dark brown spots. There are some areas where more sun damage came out, but has not turned the darker brown. Will this darken in the next few days or will more come out. I am scheduled for 2 more appointments. Perhaps it was not strong enough, but it hurt so I am not sure I would want intensity any higher.
Blue Medi Spa

I love it, they have been around for 9 years highly trained expert practitioners, easy hours, easy access, even the receptionists are Aestheticians. They are not a foofoo spa they are clinical skin experts.

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