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IPL for Dark Under-eye Circles Waste of $

I am 29 years old and I have had quite dark,...

I am 29 years old and I have had quite dark, hollow under eye circles almost my entire life. I've tried many different types of creams and I have to use a ton of makeup to try to cover them. A couple of months ago I had IPL at a medical spa to try to lighten the circles. The procedure was done by a D.O. but not a plastic surgeon. The doctor told me it would help the darkness under my eyes caused by bluish veins showing through, but it wouldn't help with the hollowness. She said we could try an injectible dermal filler such as Restylane if I wasn't happy with just the IPL. She said to give the treatment 2-4 weeks to fully work. She said the laser zaps the veins but then they have to break down, which can take several weeks. When I left the doctor's office, the treated area was slightly red but it wasn't at all significant. I could put makeup on immediatly and I went right back to work. Unfortunately, I never saw any noticeable results. It didn't work at all. The doctor said it might take 2 treatments, but since the first one had no effect I'm not going to try again. I really wish I could find something that would help the circles, but this isn't it.
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My advice to you is to be very very careful about fillers near the eyes. Aside from potential nerve damage (which might prompt you to try an opthalmologist who injects) - there's then the issue of getting the filler deep enough so that you don't get bluish bags if the filler is injected too close to the surface. Go to an experienced injector - and then wonder whether they know enough about eyes and nerves. Vicious cycle. It sounds as if yours are genetic - inherited. So, I think your best best is to discuss with a board certified plastic surgeon. Creams, etc. only get you so far - and with truly inherited dark circles - ultimately nowhere, I think.
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