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IPL for Dark Circles, Now I Have Light Sensitivity

I have extremely severe dark circles with dozens...

I have extremely severe dark circles with dozens of small veins that add to the problem. I tried Juvederm injections, and they were unsuccessful. I thought I would try IPL for zapping the veins, getting rid of dark pigment, and encouraging collagen production and thickening the skin a bit so my circles would be less visible.

The IPL did nothing for the veins, and I noticed perhaps a 10% improvement in my dark circles from the elimination of sun damage. However, after my third treatment I felt a sharp jolt to the bone under my eyebrow. That was yesterday and since then, I've had extreme light sensitivity from that eye and a migraine that just won't quit. I'm unclear if it just triggered a migraine or if there has perhaps been some eye damage. Any thoughts?

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What type of lasers would work best at zapping capillaries around the eyes?
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Small veins under the eyelid can certainly add to the appearance of "dark circles". It is appropriate to try and address this by "zapping" the veins. However, one or two laser treatments (rather than a series of IPL treatments) is likely to give better results. The "sharp jolt" you felt was most likely due to heat from the IPL. Since there is typically not much "cushion" between the skin of the eyelid and the underlying bone, the heat would bouncing off the bone and be reflected back into the skin. Any type of trauma can induce migraine. However, as long as your eyes were protected during the treatment, and as long as you did not develop a burn from the treatment, I would not expect any permanent problems to occur.
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