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Amazing - Worked Like a Charm

Got IPL on my bikini line and underarms. 2 weeks...

Got IPL on my bikini line and underarms. 2 weeks after my first session I could count the hairs in both areas. Still awaiting the rest of the treatments but even after 1 session it was worth it. Not particularly painful at all - about on a par with waxing, less painful if anything. Would highly recommend.


how did you choose IPL over laser hair removal?

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laser removal is is always recomended for better and faster results, but complications needs to be considered , from type IV i personally recomend IPL, , because the simply irritations after a treatment could develop an Post inflamatory hiperpigmentation. But in IPL is extremely important TO MAKE A PATCH TEST, and i dont recomend increase the level of energy after several treatments, just use always the same level, it will be slower and take longer to see results, but it will be SAFE. With a good technitian dermatologyst and a good IPL machine you can get safer and fast laser equivalent results. (for example syneron technology e-light) Regards
Alison Walker Hair and Beauty

Very professional and relaxed service in a comfortable home environment.

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