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I just had a TT w/lipo May 26, 2010.However,...

I just had a TT w/lipo May 26, 2010.However, Friday 6/4,Anyway, I had a slight bulge at the end of my left tummy incision & she just pressed on it & there a very slight popping sensation & that was it. There was no drainage from it. Last evening I started having this almost unbearable searing burning pain right over the incision line close to where the sl bulge skin puckering is where she pressed on it.appears that nothing is there until something touches it in the slightest. I have done nothing different & up until yesterday have had really no pain to complain of. I have an appointment tomorrow.

btw, I have had really no pain up until yesterday and so far extremely satisfied with results. I am a mother of 5, which my last 2 are twin boys,18months now

Hi justed wanted to update, I am now 28 days-4 weeks post op. 2 weeks ago, my PS said I had some fluid to remove, which she did by snipping a very small area at the incision line & drained it that way not the way via aspiration that I've been reading about. She said to come back in 2 weeks and check again. I do have more fluid & it's lower in my pubic area & center right above incision. I feel everything looks great. I'm loving the new me! I'm at 120#s now & still shrinking LOL. I am very pleased so far, except for the fluid part which it sounds like a very common complication. I have yet to pick up my twins, they are almost 30# so Dr wants me to wait at least 6 weeks UGH! I do notice I have more swelling at night & I get this sensation like my stomach is stuck together after I've been sitting. Is this common feeling? still very minimal discomfort & still saying "Worth It!"

Yes, thanks so much for sharing your experience. We'd love to see before and after photos if you feel comfortable doing that.

I will try to get the courage to post before pics, which I would probably need to get from my PS. I couldn't bear to do it because I didn't want to be reminded of what it USE to look like. I believe it looks amazing already & it's only been 14 days! My stomach/abs have not looked like this since I was 18-20 years old! Besides my children & husband & asking Jesus to be my Lord and Savior this is the 4th decision I have made in my life. I just saw friends on Monday & jaws dropped, I hadn't seen them for about one month. I have lost ~12-15#s since then plus I lost my stomach...yeehaw! Thanks so much for the encouragement
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