Tummy Tuck and Crescent Lift with Augment - Iowa, IA

I had four kids and although I was in good shape...

I had four kids and although I was in good shape and at my goal weight (5'5", 125lbs), I knew I wouldn't ever show my stomach in a bikini again. I had a little pouch at my waist line in jeans. My skin looked old and wrinkly. My silhouette wasn't attractive without spanx. I'm having a bit of a hard time with recovery. Only two weeks and two days out but questioning why I did this. I feel like I should be able to be a bit more active, but after spending a bit of time hanging out with kids on floor, my stomach swelled and I'm in pain and back in bed/recliner for most of day.

I also did a crescent lift with augment at the same time. I don't regret that at all and it's been a breeze.


Boy can I relate to your story. My surgery was on 11/13 I still feel weak, I will cook and bake and pain sets in and all I want to do is cry. By no means am I lazy, just at a sad state. Thank you for sharing your post. I don't feel alone
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My surgery was 11/14. It seemed like almost all of the sudden I made a huge turn overnight to the better. Hang in there but be sure to rest too when you can. It will get better.

I'm so glad you're here, but so sorry this has been a rough recovery. It looks like you're already getting some great support from the other ladies here. Never be afraid to reach out when you're feeling down or need more info. Your body has been through a lot and this is a big deal. Take care and take it easy. Before you know it you'll be chasing your kids around again!

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