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Restylane for Upper Cheeks and Tear Troughs

I'm very happy with the results, but I think to...

I'm very happy with the results, but I think to get effective tear trough filling, you need to fill in any lost volume in the upper cheeks, right under the tear troughs as well. This will allow the tear trough correction to blend smoothly into the cheek area. Otherwise, it can end up looking like your eye bags are even bigger and lower!

Another consideration is to take it slowly. I've have the cheeks and tear troughs filled just a little each time, using the extra from what's used in other areas of my face, over the course of about a year. Even for a skilled injector, the tear trough area is very tricky. You can't know exactly where the filler will take, or how much volume it will create. Be patient and go slowly for a really nice effect.

Has anyone had a good out come with restylane under the eyes and if so what doctor and where?
You didn't say who and where your doctor is located. Could you provide this info? Thanks

Sure, my provider is {edited} of Iowa City, IA. She careful and skilled and really takes her time with injections and asks for my feedback as she's doing it (I'm provided with a hand mirror).

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Susan Wall

She really takes her time

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