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After 2 and a half months my lashes are...

After 2 and a half months my lashes are phenomenally long and lush. That part I love. But while the irritation and bloodshot eyes side effects have lessened considerably, my eyes are still irritated from the nightly use.

I am trying to use a lot less; I've switched to application with a little paint brush instead of the included brushes, but I'm hoping I can continue for the recommended four months and obtain maximum length. Then I can maintain using Latisse just every few days and my eye irritation should subside. But if my eye irritation doesn't lessen with using less, then I may just have to stop.

Updated on May 25, 2010:

I loved the long lashes I achieved after four months, and the redness and irritation that I experienced the first month or so subsided. I also used latisse on my eyebrows, and got wonderful full brows (despite being 47 years old). I then went on a maintenance regime of applying the product every other day to both lashes and brows. At first I thought this was enough, but after about 5 months I realized my lashes and brows had (respectively) shortened and thinned considerably. So the last three weeks I've been applying nightly again, and both lashes and brows are growing back to their full length and thickness. So maybe I'll have to use it nightly to maintain. I'll probably try two days on, one day off, to see if that's enough.

I have been using this for about a month and have really seen a noticeable improvement. Last week,at work, two people commented. One said,"oh you're wearing eye makeup now" which is funny since I wear it every day. The other said,"did you do something different with your eyes?" So people DO notice a difference. I love it!
try going to every other day for a bit. you will still get great results
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