Had Laser Hair Removal Treatments and All of the Hair Grew Back - Iowa

I had about 10 treatments done on my arms &...

I had about 10 treatments done on my arms & legs. I was expecting it to at least reduce the thickness and quantity of hair, but it didn't. The hair fell out after treatment and was dormant for a while, but after a couple of months it grew back just as it was. I was told that I had ideal skin & hair characteristics. Fair skin and dark brown wavy hair. I basically just threw the money down the drain.

I have tried using 2 different machines. The first time I used an epilight type of machine and although the hair always fell out and the area stayed smooth for a month or so, it grew back just as it was.

Next I tried a laser. I am sorry but I can't remember what KIND of laser it was. This was around 2004.

It was a complete waste of money for me.

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What machine was it? Are you sure it was a real laser and not an IPL?

If you don't see results after 2-3 sessions, try another clinic!

It does work if you find a good operator with the right equipment!
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