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It Works - DOESN'T! - Iowa, IA

I was foolish and fell for the 'quick fix' even...

I was foolish and fell for the 'quick fix' even though I knew better - and spent well over $300 on 12 wraps. I followed the instructions to a T and used 6 wraps on my stomach, and split the remaining between my thighs and arms.
I didn't lose a single inch during any of my wraps. At most, my skin came out moisturized and smelling like the sore muscle cream in an old folks home.

It was a joke, and I could have spent that $300 on healthy food and actually lost (and kept off) the weight and inches!

I was also absolutely disgusted to find that the very photo that had triggered my response to try the wraps had been STOLEN from someone who had actually lost the weight the real way, and the ItWorks rep had photoshopped their info over the photo.

Sorry to hear you felt it wasn't money well spent. :-/

How did you find out about the alleged photoshopping?

I became a Beachbody coach, and the photos were those of one of the coaches in my upline. She happened to win one of the Team Beachbody Daily prizes and the submitted before and after photos were the ones I'd seen the ItWorks information on. She contacted Beachbody's legal department, who confirmed and handled the situation.
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