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Your Motivation-- I have a 42 F+ cup. I have...

Your Motivation-- I have a 42 F+ cup. I have severe back issues and neck issues. I have migraine headaches. Lowe back pain. Uncontrollable rib outages as well as many other medical issues.

How long-- I have been looking into this surgery for over 2 years now. Been very constructive for the last 6 months in preparing. Looking into insurance companies to see which ones will cover plastic surgery and which ones wont, as well as costs for each company. I have gone with Iowa Cares. Still hoping they will approve my surgery.

Personal Goals- Loos about 50+ pounds and live a healthier lifestyle.

What your feeling- Anxious, been praying a lot asking God to grant me this surgery to improve my well being and emotional state.

I have an entire binder full of: Preop,postop and during surgery suggestions for me to follow. I have done just about as much research into the topic as one person could do in 6 months.

INSURANCE DENIED!! Worst day of my life!!

INSURANCE DENIED!! Worst day of my life!!
I got denied first time too....this is not the end of it ps done all the appeal stuff for me and about 6 weeks later I got the approval letter..
i agree with kimmers dont give up! try again many ladies have gotten denied the 1st time around only to get approved the next time... wishing u the best!!

Do not give up!!!   This is only round one so keep pushing.  There are several woman who have been denied at the beginning and then it all worked out later on.

Stay positive and with us here.   This isn't the end....

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Insurance Restriction

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