VERY Happy with the Results...not Quite Done Yet

I started in March 2008 and I have 13 trays...

I started in March 2008 and I have 13 trays (both top and bottom), a total of 26 weeks. I am on tray set # 9.

I am completely satisfied with everything about Invisalign. Granted, the pressure (not pain) is annoying when I first switch trays every two weeks. But after the 6th set, I stopped taking advil since it's tolerable pressure.

My dentist is awesome and has been upfront with me from day one. I had read the reviews on here and learned about the attachments, possibility of rough edges on the trays, pain, etc. I asked him about all of these possible side-effects and he was completely honest, explained everything and also said every situation is different.

Nothing was going to make me get traditional metal braces. I am 28, with a spacing problem. I have/had a relatively large gap in my 2 front teeth and slight spacing on the bottom, which was hardly noticeable. I have 7 attachments, and after the first week, I hardly noticed them.

If you are a good candidate for Invisalign but are concerned about the bad things - know that if you floss, brush, rinse (listerine Tartar Control is GREAT), keep the trays in for more than 22-23 hours per day, use the "retainer case" that is provided to hold your trays while they are not in your mouth - you will only have good luck. I also use the Listerine Tartar Control to soak, and then sonicare my trays about every other day to keep them clean.

Can you tell me where you got this done? Which was your provider? Sounds like a great deal :-) Thanks :-)
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