Didn't Work on my Teeth

When the procedure was finished I still had two...

When the procedure was finished I still had two crooked teeth. I would have been better off going with a retainer or braces. I was very dissatisfied with the results.

I do not recommend this procedure. THe plastic isn't strong enough. I am upset and regret having it done. It took a very long time and when it was finished my teeth were still crooked.


I'm just over one year in on Invisalign and I've just been told that I have to go see a traditional orthodontist for a consultation as what I was assured would be achievable by Invisalign is now, apparently, NOT. Even though my Invisalign provider is offering to offset some costs so the getting on for £3000 I've already paid isn't a COMPLETE waste of money (my teeth look worse now than they did when I started as I have gaps and a tooth missing) I feel very angry and disappointed and that I've been entirely misled. My advice to anyone contemplating this is to make sure that the provider you use is a qualified orthodontist (i.e. has M Orth after his name) and not simply a dentist. Then you have a stronger chance of not simply being carried along by the provider's enthusiasm for getting one more Invisalign customer, and being disappointed by the end (or NON) result. Grrrrrrrrrr!
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Top aligner would not fit correctly after 3 to 4 months. I was advised to continue wearing them until the last set. After wearing last set another impression was taken and was given 9 more sets to wear for the next 4 months. Still having gaps on both sides on top after 4 months, I had another impression taken, but was notified a month later the impression had to be redone. When going to have another impression taken, I was told it would not get any better and my only other option was braces or bonding. I spent $5,000.00 bucks for about 75% of this process to be complete. Now I am going to see my dentist to see if there is anything they can do to completely fix what I wanted done in the first place. I guess I will have another 2 grand or so into this before it is what I imagined from the start. They were easy to use and I never had a problem wearing them, but would not recommend them. Get standard braces, if you can deal with them.........
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