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I just started them today, and I don't know how i...

I just started them today, and I don't know how i feel about them yet! My teeth do hurt a lot, and I have a headache! What i don't like about them is that i have 9 attachments ( I didn't even think my teeth were that bad. Today when i took them out for the first time, one of the attachments came off... Is this a bad sign??? also, do you have to take them off when you have a drink too? Thanks!


I just got mine on yesterday and they told me if one of the brackets falls off, I need to notify them right away because the bracket is what helps the tooth shift frum the gumline and not just come together at the bottoms. Also, my orthodontist told me that I can sip any cold liquid through a straw. No hot teas or coffees.
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My ortho said nothing but water for best results...just think, if you drink a sugary drink, that sugar stays in your trays and on your teeth! This is why so many people get cavities with Invisalign.

The attachments came off? Wow thats not supposed to happen I'd go to the orthodontist for that.
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