Working Well and Only Uncomfortable at Times

I started in Sept. 07 and will be done with my top...

I started in Sept. 07 and will be done with my top teeth in about 6- 8 more weeks and the bottom about 5 weeks after that. I noticed right away the movement in my upper teeth and have been tracking my progress with pictures. Only of late have I been having more discomfort in my jaw and some headaches, but the teeth are moving and from what I have heard about the old style metal braces is THAT is way more uncomfortable. I am happy with my decision to go with Invisalign.
Did you only pay 2500 because you only got the top?
Hey, I also would like the name of the person you went to, maybe their phone number as well if you could email it to me that would be great. My mom is wondering if I need braces or not but I told her I would MUCH rather have invisalign.
I would like to know what dr. you are seeing as well. I live in Vancouver and have heard from 4,500
Dr Rod Johnson @ Bull Mountain Dental

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