Biggest Waste of Time EVER!

I am only on my sixth tray, which has taken me 7...

I am only on my sixth tray, which has taken me 7 MONTHS! This is extremely painful and my TMJ has become completely worse.

I do not recommend it! Invisalign lies to you. Apparently, so do the orthodontists. I was not told before hand that I had to get my teeth regularly filed (OH NOW! OW!), and also, I had to wear these nasty white brackets... disgusting (and really painful to put on if your teeth are very sensitive like mine).

I plan to go to the orthodontist soon to have them all removed.

I am a college student, and I saved up my money for this, and now I'm so broke... and I just want to cry knowing that I could have paid that 5000 for school or something... rather than Invisalign. :(

This sounds like poor treatment all around by your doctor. Your Orthodondist should have informed you beforehand about the buttons and the filing. I had both done and had discomfort but no pain. My doctor made it clear what to expect. I am now about 6 months in and on my 12th tray. 7 months sounds excessively long for six trays, unless they weren't being worn the full 21-22 hours a day. I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. I hope you look into or switch over to another invisalign provider to see if you are being treated properly. Good luck
Sorry you had to go through all that. Not to make you feel worse but I'm on my second month (4th set of trays) and my open bite is half way closed and the bottom teeth (over crowded) only have one more tray to finish, they look great! Probably your case was more advanced and wasn't invisilign appropriate. I think it definitely works. It is on your dentist to determine whether or not invisilign is right for you, maybe you should blame him/her and not Invisilign.
I'm sorry for you, it seems like a lot of dentists or orthodontists don't give enough information about the treatment. Buttons are a part of the treatment. Regular filing, I never heard of though. And 1 month or so per tray seems like a lot to me. But then I'm no orthodontist. But I think the common treatment involves a new tray every 2 weeks... Anyway, sorry you had a bad experience. I'm on my first trays and I can already feel the movement!
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