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I just began my Invisalign treatment. I am on the...

I just began my Invisalign treatment. I am on the third day of tray 1. I had my upper wisdom teeth and one bottom front tooth extracted on July 28. I received my first tray the next day. My orthodontist inserted a fake tooth in my bottom tray so my tooth extraction would not be noticeable. The upper tray is a breeze (easy to remove and no pain). The bottom tray is a challenge. It is difficult to remove and insert this tray and it is very sharp. I am getting better at removing the bottom tray, but I don't enjoy it. In all fairness, my upper teeth are fairly straight, the problem is with my bottom teeth so I guess that explains my difficulties. I have wanted to fix my teeth all my life so I think it will be worth the pain and hassle.

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There is a forum open that talks about the best ways to get your trays out. Check it out for tips, and please feel free to leave any ideas or suggestions you have for others to try! Click here to go to the forum.

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