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I am on my 10th and last aligner on the top and...

I am on my 10th and last aligner on the top and 10th of 27 on my bottoms. i have to say that the first aligner was the worst. you just have to stick it out, pain is beauty and ibuprofen is your friend. i have had a very positive experience with invisalgn just mild discomfort for the first few days when you pop in a new aligner but nothing significant. To help me see how far ive come in the teeth straightening process i have kept and numbered all of my aligners, now i know that sounds gross and my husband makes fun of me for it but that way you can really see how far your teeth have come between aligners. if you dont keep all of them i would recommend just keeping the first one. Also, my personal opinion, make sure you go to an orthodontist just save yourself the aggrivation. Some dentists ARE qualfied to do invisalign but orthodontists straighten teeth, just think about it. last thing no one can really prepare you for how the little bumps on your teeth are going to feel, yes they are quite annoying at first and aggrivate that sensitive skin on the inside of your mouth but i dont even notice them any more, its just all part of the process. Invest in some dental wax you are going to need it.
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Hi, Could you kindly tell me where did you get them? I am in RI and this would be really helpful. Thanks
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Where did you get them? I live in RI and am trying to find a qualified professional. Thanks
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Where did you get it done? I am in RI and want to see a good orthodontist for the straightening of my bottom teeth.
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