Annoying, but Worth It!

I am on tray #4/10 for top and #4/13 for bottom....

I am on tray #4/10 for top and #4/13 for bottom. It definitely gets better. I've taken everyone's advice to start the new trays at night, with some ibuprofen. I wake up without a headache, just a sore mouth. Also, it takes a couple minutes and a good shove to get each new tray in, but they are so much easier to deal with in the morning. I put in the most recent trays just 1.5 days ago and I am having significant pain in my mouth. The trays are pretty sharp and are cutting the edges of my cheek and tongue. I will try to cut them down somehow (?). I also experience throat pain with each new tray for a few days. It is annoying to take them out to eat, then brush and floss, etc., but I'm doing better with it. It just gets to be a habit. I'm sure my dental hygienist will notice that my teeth and gums look better at my next visit!
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Thankyou for this reassurance/info. I have had my first trays in for 6 days now and they are really annoying me! They are constantly dry and there is a pressure continually on my teeth. I look forward to taking them out for mealtimes all of the time. I have 18 trays for upper and lower and that seems a lot at the moment. I am happy to clean and floss each time I need to put them back in but am finding them very frustrating to wear.
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