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I had minor alignment problems with my teeth -...

I had minor alignment problems with my teeth - nothing major. My dentist said Invisalign would be a good option in lieu of regular braces. After three years of Invisalign and many adjustments to the trays, I still had a couple of teeth that wouldn't straighten. I ended up going to the orthodontist for regular braces (fortunately, my dentist picked up the expense because she felt bad that Invisalign did not do the job). I wore regular braces for 10 months and then it was over: straight teeth! I wish I had regular braces from the start -- it would have been a lot quicker and a lot less hassle. The cost would have been less than ortho, too.

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Faster is not better when it comes to moving teeth. I had regular braces and my front tooth died from the trauma of moving to quickly. I had know idea that could even happen!
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