My First Day

Today is my first day wearing Invisalign, and I am...

Today is my first day wearing Invisalign, and I am soo excited!!! I feel a lot
of pressure, had a really hard time taking them out to eat dinner, and I have a little bit of a lisp but these things were expected! I've been reading all the reviews for the past few months which helped me come to my decision to do it!!! Thanks for all the helpful advice that you guys post!! Maybe I will get to post some good advice as I go along!! =)

Fong's Complete Dental Care

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They will look at your teeth impressions and tell you whether its possible for them to do it....I haa few teeth that needed straightening.....11 of them....seriously, its no different from a dentist who makes the impression then sends it to THAT lab....then that lab sends the dentist your trays....this just removes the middle man and the middlemans cost. (The middleman is the orthodontist)
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Wow, I really hope things turn out ok for you. There is a lot more to be taken into account besides the appearance of the clinical crown when straightening teeth, so even if they look straight, it doesn't mean everything is good. The proximity of the roots in relation to each other is very important, plus many, many other factors.

This sounds like an extremely risky way to save some money. There are numerous things an orthodontist watches for during treatment, including root resorption, gum/tissue health, etc. Unfortunately they aren't simply dispensing trays. They are doctors, and you are paying to have your health watched over. 

I'm also curious how this lab is legal, as it is essentially practicing dentistry without a license.


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Well,too late, I'm on my last tray ......and my teeth are amazingly beautiful! BTW, its a REAL DENTAL LAB....not some dude in his parents basement. LOL.
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I thought it would be better to get the thoughts of some dentists on this, rather than just my own take, so I submitted this Q&A:

There Are Websites Where a Person Can Take Their Own Impressions and Order Invisalign Themselves. Is This Ok?

I hope the info they provided is helpful to you.

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GO ONLINE. Do them VIA the internet...WAAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper, SAME RESULTS.
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I would definitely NOT recommend getting your invisalign off the internet without a dentist or orthodontist to oversee your treatment. There are many important factors to consider before even starting Invisalign, and without a proper case diagnosis you could end up with a really bad outcome, not to mention many other complications during treatment. Orthodontia is not a DIY procedure.


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I cannot believe you paid that much for ONE appointment!!! What happens if you drop dead.....your family gets that money back? I cannot comprehend WHY anyone would charge anyone UP FRONT.....thats like me saying, "Hey, I'll be a nurse anesthetist for you for the next 2 years, but you pay me upfront, and if you die or dont need me, too bad". Really?

This makes NO sense. The invisalign offered ONLINE is a pay as you go.....$80 FOR THE INITIAL IMPRESSIONS, then you pay per tray. I am in the middle of this route and it is TRULY invisalign.

Do let us know how much more you pay out of pocket. It makes me happy when I get an awesome!
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I am also interested in more economical dentist (also finding most places charging at least $4000
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Hi Jen I need to make a decision soon about the invisiline. Your post got me excited. But the the price I got so far seems too expensive $ 6,000. I see you live in Miami. Could you give me your Dentist Name? I appreciatte. Kind Regards, Volia
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