Costly, but So Worth It

I had nothing major going on with my teeth, just...

I had nothing major going on with my teeth, just the bottom and top fronts were slightly crooked, and trying to turn inward from playing the trumpet for some years. We were told that the price would be $5,800, but if you paid all at once, then it would only be $5,000 plus free check-ups for five years. This price also included all the retainers and 2 free accidentals. I could have had the bottom metal brace that is behind the teeth removed, but opted to keep it to avoid my teeth turn in when I get way older.

Pros: Totally worth it, able to remove when eating or whenever, had to wear for 16 months (included the retainer time)

Cons: costly, a little discomfort wearing the braces because the teeth are conforming to the fitted molding

***and I will agree that they don't work for everyone

Out of interest could you play the trumpet with the aligners on? I'm looking into getting my teeth done because they moved when I was 17 and buggered up my horn playing. After a year of quiting playing I decided that wasn't an option and have come back to it despite the pain and poor playing, even so I am enjoying it would like to be able to play through any orthodontic treatment (after which I'll have a go at getting good again!).
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Castle Dental

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