Almost Done and Loved It.

Pros: 1)hardly anyone noticed I was having my...

Pros: 1)hardly anyone noticed I was having my teeth straightened. 2)The cost was actually less than traditional braces for me. 3) I'm so glad I didn't get metal braces, these are great for adults. Cons: 1)There was only some mild discomfort when applying a new set. 2) It was a little annoying taking them in and out all the time. 3) I was a very good candidate, I' heard if you have more major problem it could take longer and be a pretty big pain....but for non-severe orthodontic issues this is the way to go!
I was wondering the same thing, where you got it done. I am really interested In getting invisalign as well...The university dentistry quoted me at $5600. Did you have to get your wisdom teether out? If I have to get mine out... I'm going to say forget it.
Where did you have this done in Edmonton? I am looking at doing the same treatment but they are quoting me a much higher price.
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