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I'm on my 5th day of wearing the aligners and I...

I'm on my 5th day of wearing the aligners and I couldn't be happier. Nobody notices that I'm wearing them unless we're up close and I point them out. The pain has been very mild - just enough to know they're working. I can already see my two front teeth getting straighter.

I feel like maybe I paid a bit too much but I feel very confident that I found a great orthodontist. He is one of the "Elite" invisalign providers, so he has a lot of experience with it. When I went in for my consultation, he predicted I would need 10-16 months of treatment. Looks like I'll only be needing 10 months after all. I will be getting 12 buttons put on when I go back in for my next checkup.

I'll try to check back and let you all know how it's coming along!

Dr. Lovrovich

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Go to Invisalign.com and select "Find an Invisalign Doctor." Then, enter your zip code and select "search." When I enter my zip code (98103), it says under the doctor's name whether he or she is an premier provider elite or a premier provider. Elite have the most experience. Good luck!
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I haven't started invisalign yet. I found a dentist that has done it a "few" times. How do I find an "Elite" orthodontist? Thanks for your help in advance.
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