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I'm on my 5th day of wearing the aligners and I...

I'm on my 5th day of wearing the aligners and I couldn't be happier. Nobody notices that I'm wearing them unless we're up close and I point them out. The pain has been very mild - just enough to know they're working. I can already see my two front teeth getting straighter.

I feel like maybe I paid a bit too much but I feel very confident that I found a great orthodontist. He is one of the "Elite" invisalign providers, so he has a lot of experience with it. When I went in for my consultation, he predicted I would need 10-16 months of treatment. Looks like I'll only be needing 10 months after all. I will be getting 12 buttons put on when I go back in for my next checkup.

I'll try to check back and let you all know how it's coming along!

Go to Invisalign.com and select "Find an Invisalign Doctor." Then, enter your zip code and select "search." When I enter my zip code (98103), it says under the doctor's name whether he or she is an premier provider elite or a premier provider. Elite have the most experience. Good luck!
I haven't started invisalign yet. I found a dentist that has done it a "few" times. How do I find an "Elite" orthodontist? Thanks for your help in advance.
Dr. Lovrovich

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