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If You Want to Save a Few Thousand Dollars, Opt for Braces Instead.

I honestly never thought I would have any...

I honestly never thought I would have any teeth-straightening procedures in my life. Never needed braces as a child, and I've always had relatively straight teeth (just a very slight alignment issue, almost unnoticeable) and people very often complimented my smile. I was unwittingly talked into this procedure by my regular Dentist (not specifically an Orthodontist) who tried to sell me on the cosmetic (vanity) aspect of Invisalign, and when that didn't work, he convinced me that my bite was not ideal, and that further dental work should not be done until my bite was corrected. However, I never actually sensed a problem with my bite.

I went ahead with what was quoted as an "Invisalign Express" procedure, roughly 4 months. It turned out to be more than a year long ordeal for the full-time trays alone. Add to that an additional year and a half of wearing upper and lower trays at night as retainers, and it still hurts to insert and remove them.

That's not the biggest problem though. 2.5 years since beginning the treatment, my teeth are noticeably MORE uneven vertically than they were before the Invisalign, and I now have annoying gaps between some of my front teeth! Since that time, I have ceased to receive compliments from strangers and acquaintences on my smile and the large particles of food that frequently get lodged in these gaps actually make me a bit self conscious now. Oh, and my "bite" feels odd, as opposed to "corrected". And I'm out of 4,100 of my own hard-earned out-of-pocket dollars.

I urge potential consumers to evaluate the product and the doctor administering the procedure before gambling away their current smile. Once you approve and sign off on it, there's no turning back.


I have the same problem as both of you. I always received compliments on my looks and went to correct one misaligned front tooth. I'm done with my invisalign and regret it as the biggest mistake of my life. I look ten years older now because my bone structure has changed. I never knew invisalign was such a complex procedure and they can tilt your entire jaw. I went for minor correction of my front tooth and ended up getting another face :( I will never recommend invisalign to anyone.
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Unfortunatelly I am having the same bad experience as Mars. I always received compliments on my teeth and now I can't even look at them in the mirror. After almost 1 yr. my dentist said that I need a mid-course correction. I got new trays and as my teeth moves I get more and more unhappy. The gaps that I never had are visible. I would not recommend Invisaling to anyone.
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I'm really sorry for you. It looks like your dentist is a greedy loser who did not have your best interest at heart. I've seen results obtained by my dentist's patients (in person) and it's really great. I'm on the 3rd trays right now and I can already see the change! It's really sad seeing stories like that, I'd go back see my dentist and show him pictures of Before, then ask him to correct the situation, that's for sure! What did your dentist say about the gaps after the procedure?
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