Now i am wearing wire braces. - Hated It - Iowa, IA

I finished my invisalign treatment and it didnt...

I finished my invisalign treatment and it didnt work!!!!
waste of time! and money! and effort!
i do not reccommend this treatment to anyone!
My teeth werent even that bad i just wanted to fix 2 minor teeth that were a little out of position. Now i am wearing wire braces.
Invisalign claimes to work on minor teeth problems. and mine was as minor as it comes!

I just got braces and from reading our review I am glad I did... I too have only minors corrections. A small gap on top and two teeth on the bottom that need to be straighten. My ortho is great and I am very happy with the service I got. I did ask about Invisalign. The tech was honest and did not recommend it. So here I am 31 with braces. In 8 months I should have them off. Sure beats messing with trays and all that. All I have to do is brush and floss more than usual. To relieve the pain from getting use to braces, I have been using Orejel, Popsicles, and just patience. So far, so good. :)
probably. Just because on persons didnt work, doesnt mean your wont work.
How minr is minor? I have top two front teeth out of alignment . one is coming forward. Think it'll work?
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