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Invisalign - Love It but I Don't Know About my Gums and Bite

I have had a good experience regarding some teeth...

I have had a good experience regarding some teeth I wanted moved. Two things that bother me. I previously had receding gums due to overbrushing. It had never been a problem and I made sure I had the recommended electric toothbrush.

Now, my gums have receded to a painful state in the position where some of the buttons are placed. The other is that my top and bottom teeth do not match up. I am concerned at how to correct this as I only have one more invisalign to go. Due to the cost, I want to make sure this is corrected. I am worried about the buttons and the receding gums as it can really go no further.

I wondered if anyone has had experience with receding gums and their bite hitting the middle teeth and not aligning with the back? I think I should have gone with traditional braces and not been so vain.

i have the same problem here, after doing invisalign procedure. now i can see my gumline is receeding, bottom front teeth. that really sucks.
I am on my third tray of aligners, and so far, I am doing great! On the first day, I wasn't so sure! They were so tight on my teeth, I could not imagine wearing them for any length of time. I wear them 23-24 hours a day. It has now been 5 weeks and I think it feels strange when I take them out to eat. I can't wait to put them back in! I do, however, experience extreme dry mouth. I also am a snacker, and that has completely stopped. I've lost 7 lbs. and I'm now 125 and 5'10. I know most people would welcome the loss of weight, but I've had people tell me I look too thin. My main concern is that my bite seems to be changing. I seem to not know where to place my tongue, if that makes any sense. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this.
I did indeed notice that my gumline has receeded (mostly along my bottom teeth) since my Invisalign procedure. There was only a slight amount of receeding before that, and it was only around one tooth. I am so disappointed.
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