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I've been wearing invisalign for about 6 month. I...

I've been wearing invisalign for about 6 month. I just finished my 12th set and I have a total of 30. I have a lot of lower crowding. So far I'm happy with the process. It took me a couple of weeks to get use to them but now they are not to bad. They have little to no effect on my speech and I don't have the bad breath problems that I have read about with others. Of course, I brush and floss after each meal but I brush the aligners with listerine about every other day. I found that to work better that toothpaste. The worst part for me was the attachments felt rough when the aligners were out and they cause me to bite my lip while I was eating. After a couple of weeks that became less of an issue. I have been wondering if my teeth will be straight by the time I finish with the 30th set. My teeth are moving but so slow it's made me wonder whether I will have the results that I want when I'm finished. I mentioned this to my dentist he assured me they are right on track but if I'm not happy with the results when I finished that they will take another impression of teeth and have some more aligners made to achieve the desired results(at no additional costs). At this point I can say I'm happy with invisalign and I would still get them if I had to do it over again.
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Since I was almost 60, I joked with my orthodontist that I would be his oldest patient. Turns out, not even close. I had metal braces when I was 13, but through years neglect and problems with wisdom teeth, my teeth were terribly misaligned. I've had the invisalign braces for about ten months. I'm on tray 21 (of 27) for the upper and continuing to use the final tray (17) on the lower. I could not be happier with the results so far. There has been virtually no pain, only slight discomfort when I make the change from one tray to the next. Since I am retired, and home most of the time, it is very simple to maintain good oral hygiene and keep the trays clean. When it is time to go to the next tray, I make the change before I go to bed at night, which gives me 7-8 hours before I have to remove them for the first time. That seems to make the removal easier, since the teeth have had an uninterrupted period to adjust. My orthodontist has told me that when I get through the 27 upper trays, he will take more impressions and more refinement is probable. This presents no problem for me whatsoever, inasmuch as it does not affect the cost ($5,100). I only wish I had done this earlier in my life. I would recommend invisalign for anyone who is concerned about misaligned teeth.
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