Invisalign: Exactly the Results I Hoped for

I had braces in my early teens to correct crowding...

I had braces in my early teens to correct crowding and overlapping teeth and a whopper of an overbite. But over the next 40 years my teeth drifted and, in my early 50s, I found myself again with increasingly shifting, crooked and overlapping teeth--top and bottom. The prospect of turning into a snaggle-toothed old lady was really annoying me. At age 52, after doing a lot of reading and after consulting with my family dentist, I decided that the Invisalign process was the right one for me. And I was 100% correct. My process took 18 months, with 36 sets of aligners, top and bottom. I experienced some soft-tissue discomfort during the first two sets; but my mouth soon toughened up and the discomfort never recurred. I was extremely conscientious about putting the aligners back in immediately after I finished eating. And they really were undetectable from a normal social distance (though sometimes, even my husband and my mother couldn't tell I had them in). The movement of my teeth was very gradual; so if you don't see immediate movement, just be patient. If your enthusiasm flags a little during the process, ask your orthodontist to show you the end-stage aligners. That's what I did and boy, did that ever boost my morale. Now, more than two years after I finished my treatment, I wear a retainer to bed every night--and I mean every night--and I simply couldn't be happier with my pretty smile. Not long ago, someone referred to me as the woman with the beautiful teeth. What more can I say? Worth every, single penny.


Yay I love your review! Good idea about asking to see your last only on my first set and have taken the 4th out to see if i can notice the difference between #1 and #4 (cant see any haha)..bu goes on :)
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This is so helpful! I have messed up bottom teeth.. and my top aren't bad at all, really. But I've wondered if Invisalign would truly work. Out of all the arguments made, yours' is most convincing. I hope mine goes as well as yours. All I've ever wanted is to have straight teeth.. and my parents are finally giving in at age 18!! Lame, I know.. but now that I'm a Senior, Invisalign seems the most sensible seeing as I will have tons of pictures and a possible wedding sometime in the near future. So thank you!! :D
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Good luck with everything, Emily. I hope it works out for you! :)
Normand Boucher, DDS Wayne, PA

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