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I only have the Invisaline on my top teeth. I'm on...

I only have the Invisaline on my top teeth. I'm on my second tray and so far, so good. The only adjustment to them is my eating habits. Which have been a good thing. I didn't realize how often I would eat and drink just because it was there. Now having to deal with my tray and brushing my teeth...I feel like I've been forced to do the Invisaline Diet! In only four months I've lost 8lbs! When this all over I'll have good teeth & be super skinny. Yay for Invisaline!!!!

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I completely agree. I have had my first set for 2 weeks, should keep them for 3 and this has been quite easy. hard to get them out in the beginning but very easy now. I did not realise how much I was snacking but I have lost something like 5 pounds in those 2 weeks. So like you, I will have straight teeth and slim body by next summer. This has been one of the best thing I have done.
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