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Just Started, Not Used to Them Yet.

Three days in, and my mouth still hasn't adjusted...

Three days in, and my mouth still hasn't adjusted to the trays. My salivary glands are working overtime and there's a slight burning sensation on my cheeks and gums. I'll be asking my dentist about this if it doesn't go away in the next couple days. I had braces as a child, so I expected pain due to the pressure, but not this. Based on what I've read, most people experience drymouth, but I seem to be exactly the opposite.

My dentist told my about the attachments and the possibility of some filing to make room for my crowded lower front teeth. She also told that some additional adjustments (no additional charge) may be needed at the end of this initial 30 weeks, and that I would need to wear a retainer at night for basically the rest of my life.

My salivary glands are working overtime too! I just got my first set of trays yesterday, and I feel like I am constantly swallowing so that I don't spit on people when I talk. Interestingly, when I take the trays out to eat it's back to normal. Had a headache too, but self-medicating with Advil has helped a lot. I am having a lot of trouble getting the tray on the bottom in and out (my teeth are crowded in the middle), but it should get better as they start moving. In the meantime, it's a pretty good diet since I have to really think twice before trying to get them out to eat anything!
Started Invisalign today. Getting trays in and out fine. Slight lisp but not worried about it at this point. My salivary glands are working overtime though. I keep thinking I am going to vomit. Don't think I will though - but my mouth is constantly watering (not a pretty sight). And I got a headache and ended up hitting the Annadin Extra. Anyone?
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