This Beats Traditional Braces by a Landslide.

While I'm only on my 3rd week [2nd tray], I'm...

While I'm only on my 3rd week [2nd tray], I'm truly anticipating the awesome results. If you ask me, this is completely worth it & will probably be the best money I have ever spent on myself.

After having traditional braces as a teen, between wisdom teeth & not wearing my retainer, my mouth was thrown for a loop. My teeth weren't nearly as crooked as they originally were pre-traditional braces, but they're still not as straight as I would have liked.

Finally, at 23 [& after having wanted to do this for a long time!], I've started my Invisalign journey. I was very surprised that my treatment will only last a little over a year [mild crowding up top with severe crowding on the bottom]--just in time for my 2010 wedding!

So far, the only ones who have noticed that I'm wearing the aligners are those I have told about them! Unless, ofcourse you're 2 inches away from my face, which is not typical, you can't notice them.. and no one has!

You should know in advance, however, that Invisalign definitely requires a great amount of dedication. Why? Because you will..

-Have to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours at day
-Clean the trays often, otherwise they will be come cloudy and/or stink
-Brush after each time you eat
-Visit your Invisalign dentist/ortho roughly once a month during treatment to receive new sets of trays & check up on your progress.

As far as discomfort during treatment, mine has been minimal to nonexistent. The first tray was the worst--I'm sure it was because my teeth hadn't been forced to move in quite a long time. They were quite sore, but that's really it. After a couple of days, I didn't even realize the trays were in & was completely used to it. Every new tray is pretty tight at first, but again, this feeling lasts for only a few days.

This truly is the best alternative to straighten your teeth, without blatantly visible braces. If you are seriously considering Invisalign, do it. I absolutely recommend it!

I couldn't agree more!! I had the same issue with having braces as a teen and not wearing the retainers. Invisalign has been so much more convenient. My twin sister loved my results so much she got Invisalign too...specifically to get results in time for her 2010 wedding just liek you. Good luck. I'm sure your pics will be beautiful.
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