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Commit and It'l Be a Breeze! - Cambridgeshire, UK

My main advice whilst using Invisalign would be...

My main advice whilst using Invisalign would be that you have to be totally dedicated to it!This means wearing your trays for 23hrs a day,make sure you get totally paranoid when you don't have them in your mouth.As soon as you finish eating,brush then pop them back in.If you take them out for 'special occasions' and 'lunch dates' you WILL NOT get the desired results. If i go out for a meal,i will wait untill the food is about to be put on the table,excuse myself,go to the toilet and take them out then eat.I would not dream of taking them out for an hr or two while im out dining,not worth it.
Also,as recommended by my very experienced Invisalign ortho-i only wear my retainers for a week at a time,then swap for the next one.I am now on tray 30 of 33 (top).Teeth are unrecognisable from the mess they were 6months ago,truly amazing.I had 26 for my bottom teeth,they are now in the refinement stage and looking near perfect.I had severe overcrowding of both arches.
So...if you are totally committed and prepared for minor lifestyle changes you will get great results.
Oh and it only hurts a bit for be first day of a new tray.Put a new tray in at night with a couple ibruprofen and you will be fine.This product is truly amazing.Fact.

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Can you tell us please the name of your doctor and the clinic? And if u paid 2000 pounds for all inclusive -retainer and refinements also? Also can u post some picture?! Will be very useful to me! Thank you!

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It's great that you are so dedicated, but most people I've talked to, myself included, are able to do just fine wearing them 20-22 hrs a day. Also, I was told to never move quicker that 13-14 days, because teeth could actually fall out??
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Sounds like you have done a great job of adjusting to life with Invisalign. You are also very fortunate that your teeth move at a rate that switching trays every week is ok for your particular case, as that doesn't seem to be the case for everyone.

Can you tell at this point if you will be doing refinements for the upper, or does your orthodontist want to hold off & evaluate after all the trays are completed?

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